Professional Work Experience


Starcom Experience



January 2021 - Ongoing

Chicago, IL

In 2020, I was selected to work at Starcom in their Chicago office as part of their summer internship program. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, due to which the internship had to be canceled. Instead, a new program was developed and scheduled for January 2021. It is currently on-going and by the end of it, I will have developed skills in media strategy and planning.

Chicago Food Policy

Action Council


Market Research Analyst

Chicago, IL

One of my biggest passions has always been around food. One of the causes I've always felt strongly about is racial and social justice. So when I was asked to join the Chicago Food Policy Action Council to work on an initiative to achieve racial and social justice in the local food systems, it was an opportunity I couldn't let go of.

Since the early months of 2020, I've been working with a team of researchers on the Good Food Purchasing Initiative of Metro Chicago (GFPI) which aims to ensure that institutional food purchasing advances an equitable, healthy, fair, local, humane, and sustainable food system while creating good food access for all. As a member of CFPAC, I work with the City and County departments and agencies such as the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), and Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) to implement the Good Food Purchasing Policy (GFPP), which works with institutions to transform their food-buying power to invest in five core values; local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare, and nutrition.


An important part of this initiative is the Food Hub Feasibility Study which explores the potential for developing a cooperatively-owned, BIPOC-led food hub in the Chicago region. I have personally conducted research and used statistical models to create a typology of existing food hubs and developed a lucrative business model for the one being developed.


-Speaker and facilitator at the Cook County Department of Public Health's annual Food Summit 2020

-Compiled a report "Characteristics and Trends among Food Hubs in the United States" by performing statistical analysis of 248 Food Hubs across the country and using classification models like K-Means Cluster Analysis

-Guest lecturer at DePaul University's course on Sustainable Urban Food Systems

-Guest Lecturer at Lewis School of Excellence to present the topic of racial equity in food systems to 8th-grade students

-Conducted one-on-one interviews with key personnel from leading food companies across the region

-Developed a survey on Qualtrics which was sent to food producers across the Chicagoland region

-Assisted in developing the Covid-19 Rapid Response page on CFPAC's website

Jay Qureshi & Weslynne Ashton - Speakers at Cook County Food Summit 2020


Ogilvy Strategy Planner Jahanzaib (Jay)

Strategy Planner

When I first joined the industry and familiarized myself with all the players in it,

I knew what was at the summit; Ogilvy. It was the creative ad agency that was

bagging all the awards in the APAC region, from Effie's to Clio and even Cannes.

Four years down the line, my work got noticed and I was approached. I knew I was headed in the right direction.

Ogilvy was an agency with a culture like no other and soon I felt like I was part of a family that made work seem like play. There has not been a place where I could be my completely real self and have the extreme limits of my creativity tested. It was a place all kinds of ideas were encouraged and I was truly upset to leave when I had to.

Besides the amazing culture and friends I made, I also produced some of my best work. I worked directly with the regional head office in Singapore on many projects, saw my work being executed internationally, and was proud to have my brands winning Effies and other awards.

Notable Clients:





-Mondelēz International


-Client became category leader at 46.7% overall market share after

sales grew by 26% following a single campaign - 2019

-Client campaign won Effie for Best in Culinary Campaigns - 2019

-Client campaign won Effie for Best in Snacks & Desserts Campaigns - 2019

-Client campaign won Effie for Sustained Success - 2019

-Effie's Agency Network of the Year in 2019

-'Campaign' award for South Asia Agency of the Year, Creative Agency of the Year,

and Digital Agency of the Year in 2019

-Worked on the global and local brand and communications strategies that continue

to be in play at the moment

-Published case study author on WARC

Jay Qureshi - Strategy Planner Ogilvy
Jay Qureshi - Qgilvy Strategy Planner
Jay Qureshi | Strategic Planner - Effie for Best in Culinary - Ogilvy

Illinois Institute of Technology


Research Assistant

2019 - 2020

Chicago, IL

Before I was a member of the Chicago Food Policy Action Council, I was working as a research assistant to academics involved in research on the food system within the United States. This work later translated into my work as a Market Research Analyst with CFPAC.


Saatchi & Saatchi

Brand Strategist 
2017 - 2018

I joined Saatchi & Saatchi at the beginning of 2017 after working as a Digital Strategist for over two years. The first thing I learnt was that conventional brand strategy is not as easy as digital strategy. The work was tough but the challenge was exciting. Luckily, I had some of the best teachers. It took me no more than a couple of months to learn the trade and soon I was presenting my strategic plans to some of the biggest clients in the region and pitching for new ones. 

Notable Clients:





-Client won Effie for Best in Automotive Campaigns

Saatchi & Saatchi logo - Former Brand Strategist Jay Qureshi

Creative Chaos

Senior Executive - Strategy & Planning
2014 - 2017

Jay Qureshi Senior Digital Strategist YouTube Event

This is the company that gave me the platform to prove my skills to the biggest players in the industry. I joined Creative Chaos fresh out of college as a Social Media Executive. My first tasks

were to manage the social media pages of some of their clients. It wasn't long before my effective

communications skills added client servicing to my role. Eventually, I was handed the whole

Unilever portfolio with 7 of the most active brands in the digital sphere.

Even when I was just starting off, I was keen on learning skills that were spread across the table. My innate creative prowess had me creating digital content for my clients, my interest in media had me managing the media buying for Hewlett-Packard, and my analytical skills landed me the role in the strategy and planning team.

Eventually, I found myself in a leadership role, and by the time I was promoted to Senior Strategist, I was managing a team of up 10 associates.

Notable Clients:

-Unilever (7 brands)



-LINE Corp