Samples from my strategic, creative & analytical works


While my designation within most of my organizations was that of a Strategic Planner, my responsibilities included a wide range of tasks which included creative conceptualization as well. The images below are examples of visual designs that include key visuals for brands that were based on my strategic Big Ideas, mock visuals that were created for pitch presentations, and some of my own concepts that were executed digitally. The videos below include TVC examples, a webinar I hosted in 2020, and a documentary film I produced


In my years of working in various roles and companies, I have designed and implemented strategies for over 30 brands, many of which were part of Fortune 500 companies. Below are just some of the more globally recognizable ones

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WARC Publication

Shan Foods: One Biryani, One Family

A case study that was co-authored by me was published on WARC as part of an entry for The WARC Prize For Asian Strategy 2019. The same campaign went on to win The Effie Award for 'Best In Culinary' in the same year

Screenshot of Shan Foods case study authored by Jay Qureshi
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Authored Report

Characteristics and Trends among Food Hubs in the United States

The following is a 20-page report that was authored by me based on a statistical analysis I performed on Food Hubs across the United States using data acquired from the United States Department of Agriculture. 

The report contains the results of a cluster analysis performed using K-Means clustering method and a typology of Food Hubs created based on the results

Brand Strategy Presentation

Grenade Protein Bars

Most of the strategy work I've done remains confidential and owned by the clients or agencies I've been with. This is a freelance project I did for a UK based brand looking to launch in South Asia. The project never went beyond the planning phase but the presentation can serve as a sample of my strategy work.

Grenade protein bars communications strategy

Data Analysis & Predictive Models


Predicting Life Expectancy

Tools Used: SPSS Modeler, RStudio, Excel

Models: Neural Networks, Linear Regression

The following report predicts the life expectancy of nearly every country in the world using data extracted from several international organizations such as the WHO, UN, WorldBank, EuroMonitor and others. A significant amount of data preparation, cleaning, and merging was required before the models were developed