Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

Illinois Institute of Technology

Stuart School Of Business

Chicago, IL

United States

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021


I joined IIT's Stuart School of Business in August 2019 after working in the media and advertising industry for over 5 years. It was a tough decision as at that time I was experiencing career growth like never before. My work was winning awards, I was seeing my campaigns bring in numbers I never could have imagined and I had never been so excited to wake up on a workday. 

Soon after I arrived in Chicago, I fell in love with the city, I advanced my skills to include a sound proficiency in analytical tools and statistical models, I joined a nonprofit and worked on initiatives with the potential to change the world around us, I met the most amazing people and have overall grown as a human being. All this happened despite living through the worst pandemic we would ever see in our lives.


-Predictive Analytics

-Quantitative Marketing Models 

-Digital Marketing

-Social Media Marketing Analytics

-Visual Analytics

-Social Entrepreneurship

-Marketing Strategy

-Marketing Research & Engineering

-Strategy & Innovative Business

-Analytics for Decision Making

-Business Statistics

Driving Digital Strategy by Sunil Gupta - Illinois Institute of Technology Paul V Galvin Library

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in International Communications

University of Nottingham

School of Media, Languages & Cultures

United Kingdom

Graduation Date: August 2014

Jay Qureshi Graduation day at the university of Nottingham

They say that college is the 'best years of your life'. That is exactly how I describe my 3 years at The University of Nottingham. Studying abroad when you're young is something I wish everyone could experience. It was the first time I felt real freedom and it was the experience that gave me the memories I still cherish to this day. 

Those 3 years transformed me in many ways. I developed critical thinking, evolved my creativity, learned a new language (Mandarin), became a certified scuba diver, found an interest in philosophy, gained the confidence to speak in any social or professional setting, and discovered my true strengths that paved the way for my future career path. Just before I graduated, I found an internship at a small but growing digital marketing agency. Smobble. That's how I got into marketing and that's how I got to where I am now.


-Global Media & Communications

-Communication Technologies

-Writing for the Media

-Media & Conflict

-Film & Televisions in Social & Cultural Context

-Documentary Film & Documentary Practice

-Political Communications, Public Relations & Propaganda

-Cultural Politics

Transnational Media

-Mass Media

-Cultures of Everyday Life

-Film History

-Mandarin (3 years course)

Jay Qureshi University of Nottingham SMLC Alumni